Volvo Vehicle Locksmith

Volvo Car Locksmith in DevonAll Volvo vehicles manufactured for the UK market after 1998, by law, must be fitted with an immobiliser system. This system prevents an unprogrammed key from starting the vehicle and therefore reduces the risk of vehicle theft.

Some early Volvo keys can be cloned, At Devon Car Keys (Part of Devon Security) we have specialist equipment to allow the information from your existing key to be transferred onto another key, thus making a spare key easy to obtain.

Almost all newer Volvo models in the UK are fitted with a rolling code transponder, this makes the programming of new keys very difficult for all but the main dealer, however various diagnostic specialists are constantly striving to come up with a solution for locksmiths.

A common problem for Volvo owners is locking their keys in the boot of the vehicle. We can attend site and decode the lock using our specialist equipment, then simply cut a key to unlock the boot and retrieve your keys.

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