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Toyota Car Key Locksmith DevonAll Toyota/Lexus vehicles manufactured for the UK market after 1998, by law, must be fitted with an immobiliser system. This system prevents an unprogrammed key from starting the vehicle and therefore reduces the risk of vehicle theft.

Almost all Toyota/Lexus keys can be cloned to provide a Toyota Key Replacement.  At Devon Security we have specialist equipment to allow the information from your existing key to be transferred onto another key, thus making a spare key easy to obtain.

If you have lost all your keys we offer a solution, the dealer can replace your key, but the process will cost around £1000 and will involve replacing the ECU and all locks, these will be ordered and can take up to 14 days to get your vehicle up and running.

At Devon Car Keys we can attend, decode and cut a replacement key to the lock. The immobiliser box is then removed and the information to produce a replacement transponder obtained. A new transponder can then be produced and your vehicle will be back on the road quickly and for a fraction of the price quoted by the main dealer. All this can be completed at the roadside, so no need to recover the vehicle to the dealer.

Call us on 01392 461200 to speak with one of our local car key locksmiths.

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