Renault Key Cards and Car Keys

Renault Car key Locksmith DevonMost of the Renault vehicles found in the UK today use one of two key systems, the standard double sided cylinder key or the laser cut key incorporated within a card. The standard cylinder key found on many vehicles today was first introduced around 1993 and were used until 2004. This key uses 6 positions with depth cuts from M-S.

In 2001 Renault introduced their key card system which comprises of a plastic card with remote buttons and a small emergency key blade.

Renault key cards are a great idea but they are easily damaged, the remote buttons disintegrate regularly and the printed circuit board can become cracked with normal use. These cards are expensive to replace from the main dealer, you will also be required to produce the vehicle documentation before Renault will order the card, this can take 7-14 days. At Devon Car keys we carry a large range of cards and keys in stock. With the latest Renault software we are able to read the immobiliser code and program new keys/ cards in under 2 minutes.

At Devon Car Keys we are able to gain entry to vehicles fitted with either of these type of locks quickly, easily and without any damage to your vehicle, even if the vehicle is deadlocked. We do not wedge the door and frame apart and insert wires into the vehicle to pull handles, which can damage the vehicle paintwork, nor do we insert wires into the door cavity as there is a risk of damage to the linkage arms which operate the locking mechanism

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