Nissan Car Keys

Nissan Car Key Locksmith DevonThe Nissan Anti Theft System (NATS) was introduced around 1995 with a basic immobiliser which did not use key transponders. This system was known as NATS1.

Subsequently NATS 2 was introduced which incorporated key transponders.

Further iterations of the NATS system have been introduced, up to NATS 6.5. The earlier systems use a timed access programming system, similar to Ford. NATS 5 and above use a security pin code system, where a specific pin number must be entered in order to diagnostically program keys to the vehicle.

The latest development is the introduction of a CAN system, first used on the 2003 Micra models, the Micra system comes in either intelligent or non-intelligent systems.

Many Nissan keys can be cloned, at Devon Car Keys we have specialist equipment to allow the information from your existing key to be transferred onto another key, thus making a spare key easy to obtain.

At Devon Car Keys we are able to gain entry to vehicles quickly, easily and without any damage to your vehicle, even if the vehicle is deadlocked. We do not wedge the door and frame apart and insert wires into the vehicle to pull handles, which can damage the vehicle paintwork, nor do we insert wires into the door cavity as there is a risk of damage to the linkage arms which operate the locking mechanism.

In the event of you losing all your keys we can quickly and easily decode your lock with our specialist equipment without the need for the lock to be removed from the vehicle, and cut a working key ready to program within 5 minutes.

With our specialist diagnostic equipment we can program new keys to your vehicle at the roadside, so no need for the vehicle to be recovered to the dealer.

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