Kia Car Keys

Kia Car Keys

Kia Car Key Locksmith DevonAt Devon Car Keys (part of Devon Security) we can attend and remove a door lock, decode and cut a replacement key to the lock. A new transponder can then be programmed and your vehicle will be back on the road quickly and for a fraction of the price quoted by the main dealer.

Kia operates 5 basic key systems in their range of vehicles:

  • Black key – Texton system
  • Blue key – Texton system
  • Green key – Shinchang encrypt
  • Grey key – Bosch smarta
  • Canbus system

Some systems require two Kia keys to be programmed in the event of all keys being lost.

Some systems require a pin code to allow key programming, here at Devon Car Keys we carry specialist diagnostic equipment to allow the reading of pin codes and programming of keys to these vehicles.

If all keys are lost authorised Kia dealers can replace your key, but the process will cost around £1000 and will involve replacing the ECU and all locks, these items are not stock items and will need to be ordered, this can take up to 14 days to get your vehicle up and running.

Call us on 01392 461200 to speak with one of our local car key locksmiths.