Dodge car keys

Dodge Car Key Locksmith DevonIn the event that you find yourself locked out from your vehicle we will be able to come to you, whether you are parked at the roadside, in a carpark, at home or at work, and help you back onto the road.

We pride ourselves on offering a quality service where we are able to get you into your car without causing damage to the vehicle itself. In the event that you have lost your key we can create a brand new key and immobiliser for you to use.

If however you suspect your key may have been taken we can provide a replacement lock system to ensure that no one other than yourself, or those who you allow, will be able to get into your vehicle. As we do not need vehicle transport to get your car back to a garage or dealership we are able to provide our service at a highly competitive price that is just a fraction of what you would find in your local dealership.

At Devon Car Keys (part of Devon Security) we use specialist diagnostic equipment in order to get you back within your vehicle as soon as possible. Get in contact with us today to find out more about our vehicle locksmith service.

Call us on 01392 461200 to speak with one of our local car key locksmiths.