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We carry a wide range of remote central locking keys ranging from standard and flip out blades, to the newer style proximity or smart keys. These remote keys can be cut and programmed on site from our mobile workshop, without the need to book your vehicle in with the dealer.

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Have You Been Locked out of Your Car? Do This Next Time…

Have you ever been locked out of your car and have then broken into your car in a blind panic? Locking your keys in your car can be incredibly frustrating, especially when you have somewhere you need to be. It is common for people to leave their engine running in the Winter to warm up the car to find that the car has locked itself automatically after being left unattended. You may have also fallen victim to leaving your keys on a seat or in the boot whilst running errands, forgetting to take them with you and finding that the car has locked itself upon your return.

If you aren’t carrying a spare key, don’t feel tempted to try to break into your car yourself and cause expensive damage to your car. It is much easier and quicker to give Devon Car Keys a call! Our Devon-based vehicle locksmith service covers non-destructive vehicle entry, car key replacement, key cutting and car key programming. Devon Car Keys can visit you at work, home or on the roadside and we aim to get to you within an hour of your call.

For our car locksmith services, call 01392 461200 and we will be happy to help.

We will be able to pick your lock without causing any damage, retrieve your car key and even provide you with a spare car key in case you do it again! Our speedy car locksmith service will have you back on the road in no time at all and we won’t charge you extra for the call out! Devon Car Keys cover all areas within North Devon, Mid Devon, East Devon, Teignbridge and West Devon.

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