Faulty remote locking fobs

Has your car remote locking fob stopped working?

Devon Car Keys offer quick roadside assistance throughout Devon to fix faulty remote locking fobs. Car remote fobs and keys are usually reliable, often going many years without any problems. If you notice your car key fob starting to fail, we would advise you get it checked. The fix is usually something straightforward, like replacing the battery.

Sometimes after batteries have been replaced, the keys will need to be reprogrammed. Devon Car Keys has the latest key-programming technology, from conventional transponder keys and radio frequency remote controls to the latest hands-free proximity keys. We can provide key reprogramming for most vehicles.

Get a free quote, call us today to find out more or take a look at the other services we offer, including:

Lost Car Keys

We provide keys for most vehicles and have the latest key-programming technology – from conventional transponder keys and radio frequency remote controls, to the latest hands-free proximity keys. We are fully mobile, meaning we can fix this issue at work, at home or even at the roadside.

Worn out car keys

Before you can see the surface wear of the key you will be able to feel it. If you have to jiggle the key in the lock or if you hear the key “click” under pressure when you turn the key. These symptoms are indicators to that your key is losing accuracy and starting to wear out. Devon Car Keys can offer roadside assistance to help with this issue.

Broken car keys

Broken car keys are a rare occurrence but it does happen. Over time stressed metal can snap or chip. Devon Car Keys have the knowledge and technology to perform a broken car key repair on the roadside.

Spare Car Keys

Sometimes it’s nice to have the extra security of a spare car key. Devon car keys offer mobile key cutting for a wide range of vehicles.

Car Key Programming

Technology has come on a long way in the last few years and Devon car keys can program a wide range of vehicles keys on the roadside.

Faulty Car Locks

We can replaced faulty vehicle locks and ignitions which can be keyed to your existing locks.

Vehicle Entry

We specialise in non destructive vehicle entry, ensuring that there will be no damage to paintwork or bodywork of your vehicle.