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What if I lose my car key while on holiday in Devon?

With Devon continuing to be a popular holiday destination, many of us are taking to the wheel for our summer getaway. Should you find yourself in the situation that you’re unable to get into your car because your keys have been lost or stolen, don’t panic Devon Car Keys are here to help. We cover all areas across Devon and offer a 24 hour emergency vehicle locksmith service on a wide range of vehicles.

Our tips to keeping your car key safe while on holiday in Devon

Decide on safe place to store the keys at your accommodation

Upon arrival at your holiday destination, choose a secure place to keep the keys when they aren’t in use, which is out of sight. Consider using a safe if available.

Don’t leave your keys unattended

Seems obvious but when you’re relaxed and in a holiday frame of mind, it’s easy to forget!

Attach a large & bright keyring

By doing this, you will make it easier to see your key, should you lose it in a bag or amongst luggage.

Don’t leave a keyless entry fob anywhere near where you park your car

If your car has keyless entry, ensure you keep your key fob away from where the car is parked to prevent thieves using a device known as a ‘relay transmitter’ to remotely access your car.

Use a ‘find my keys’ device

These lightweight Bluetooth trackers can fix onto your key ring so you can quickly track down your keys via your phone… provided you don’t lose your phone as well!

Top tip: Get a spare car key cut for your holiday!

Add ‘spare car key’ to your holiday checklist… and while you’re away, make sure another member of your family or group carries the spare key to avoid both being lost or stolen.

Devon car locksmith services

As well as providing assistance when your car key has been lost or stolen, we offer rapid roadside assistance for the following services on a wide range of vehicles in most areas across Devon:

Broken car keys

Car key programming

Faulty car locks

Faulty remote locking fobs

Vehicle entry

Worn out car keys

To find out more contact us today.