car door lock

What causes a car door lock to stop working?

There are many reasons why a car door may malfunction and here at Devon Car Keys we aim to fix any issue you may have. We cover all areas across Devon and offer a 24 hour emergency vehicle locksmith service for when you find yourself with car door issues.

Car door lock is damaged or broken

If your car door lock is stuck, it’s likely that the lock is damaged. This could be due to a number of reasons, perhaps the lock is being blocked by dirt or debris, if the vehicle has been involved in a collision the locks may have been damaged by the impact, or it may simply be due to daily wear and tear.

Whatever the reason for your broken door lock, here at Devon Car Keys we can carry out car locksmith work across Devon on a wide range of vehicles.

Cold weather conditions

Extremely cold weather conditions will sometimes cause your vehicle’s door to stop working. This can happen when ice sticks to your car door and handle, making it difficult to open and close. In most cases, doors will return to functioning normally but if this becomes a persistent problem it might be worth getting in touch with us to check.

Here at Devon Car Keys we can carry out car lock work across Devon on a wide range of vehicles.

Broken car key or faulty remote locking fob

It might not be the car door that there is an issue with, it might be the key that has malfunctioned, this may occur if it is worn out or broken. Over time, car keys are prone to wear and tear due to constant use, as well as damage due to lack of maintenance. This damage isn’t always visibly noticeable but once one or more of the grooves on a car key become worn out, this can mean the key will no longer match the mechanisms of the lock.

Wherever you are across Devon, Devon Car Keys can provide a replacement for your damaged car key for most types of vehicles at your home, work or at the roadside.

Car key needs reprogramming

The issue may not lie with the car door lock itself, it might be the case that your car key needs reprogramming. Devon Car Keys’ highly trained vehicle locksmiths can help with car key programming throughout Devon at your home, workplace or by the roadside…. or wherever you find yourself.

Get your car door lock checked today!

Car door locks are often looked over… don’t wait until you’ve been locked out of your vehicle to have your locks serviced. If you notice your keys sticking or becoming hard to turn, Devon Car Keys can check for a fault and provide a solution across Devon on a wide range of vehicles.

Find out more about the full range of services we offer or get in touch with us today.