Top Tips for Driving This Autumn

Autumn is an exciting time of year as the months get colder and the pumpkins come out! However to stay safe on the roads, there are precautions you can take as we transition from Summer to Winter.

1. Protect Yourself From the Sun’s Low Rays

Glare from the sun is likely to be a huge problem at this time of year whilst driving. To reduce glare, it’s important to clean your windscreen inside and outside thoroughly to eliminate the film that builds up over time.

2. Check Your Bulbs

As we head into the darker months, it’s vital that our car lights are working properly and are bright enough. Check your bulbs before setting off on a journey and get them replaced if need be at your local garage.

3. Check Your Tyres

Autumn can bring icy or wet roads, meaning that it is essential for our tyres to be pumped up and with at least 3mm tyre tread according to the AA for maximum grip on roads in difficult conditions.

autumn devon car keys

4. Check and Clean Your Batteries

The colder and darker weather will mean our heaters and lights will be on a lot more than usual. Ensure your car batteries are in tip top condition by keeping the top of the battery and terminals clean, dry and free from corrosion to avoid a break down at the worst possible time!

5. Carry a Spare Car Key

With Halloween and eary Christmas shopping, it is easy to lose car keys or get locked out when you’re juggling many things at once. Carry a spare car key with you at all times to get your out of trouble if you do get locked out or lose your car keys.

If you do get caught out this Autumn having lost your car keys, get in touch with us today on 01392 461200 for a free quote.