Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas For Car Enthusiasts!

Event Tickets

Throughout the year there are hundreds of events that car enthusiasts flock to in order to see classic models, upcoming models or racing. For example, there is the London Classic Car Show, Goodwood Festival of Speed or even British Motor Museum. Tickets to some of these events are available for around £25 per person or less, so they don’t need to break the bank and you can have an enjoyable family day out as well.

Dash Cam

As car manufacturing technology advances, so does the technology of car accessories. Obviously, video recording is not a new concept, but the invention of the dash cam is certainly something to be welcomed to make our roads safer and place responsibility and culpability on bad driving and insurers have started to recognise dash cam footage as a means of resolving claims. Although some can be quite expensive, it is possible to pick one up for under £50 like the Nextbase 212G Dash Cam.

Driving Experience

Any true petrol head would love to sit behind the wheel of some of the fastest cars available on the market and drive them around a proper race track. In all honesty, most drivers would enjoy putting their foot down and experiencing the rush of 0-60 acceleration in under six seconds!

The best thing about a driving experience is that it doesn’t even have to be for a qualified driver. There are loads of companies out there that provide junior or young driver experiences so that they can get to grips with driving basics or even take the car off road!

You might be thinking about a supercar or rally car driving experience, but you could get a loved one a tank driving experience where they will learn from expert instructors while driving a 17-tonne tank.

Personalised Car Mats

Nearly every car owner will have a set of car mats in their car that were either included when they bought the car or bought while they were out and about shopping and remembered that they needed a set. So, why not buy someone personalised car mats with their name on in their favourite colour to give the inside of their car that little personal touch.

Lego Models

Whether you’re five or seventy five it’s hard to resist the temptation and satisfaction of building and completing a lego model. Despite traditionally being considered as a childrens toy, lego models have taken on different levels of difficulty from easy assembly, for the kids, to practically needing to do it as a full time job, for the adults. As such, they have become the perfect present for most of the family and can be a great introduction to following written instructions in order to get something built for those of all ages!

Gear Stick Cufflinks and Bottle Stoppers

If you’re on a small budget, but you know that the person you’re buying for is a real car nut then you can’t really go wrong with small car themed objects such as cufflinks or bottle stoppers.

Bodywork Kit

You might know a person who pays more attention to the way their car looks than their own appearance and subsequently spends every weekend cleaning it themselves or having it valeted! If you do know a person like this, you might as well indulge their habit and buy them all the kit they need to do the job properly. You can pick up a full Autoglym gift collection for less than £50. If you’d like a free quote on getting a spare or replacement key, give us a call on 01392 461200 and we will get back to you within the hour.