Car key not working

Why is my car key not working?

There are many reasons why your car key may not be working and here at Devon Car Keys we can help diagnose the issue. We operate across Devon and offer a 24 hour emergency car locksmith service for when you find yourself locked out of your car or vehicle.

Worn out car key

Keys are physical components, which means they are prone to wear and tear over time. Most people won’t even notice the effect that constant use has on them but it’s inevitable that at some point the key will deteriorate and need replacing. The grooves in a car key may become worn out and with the improper depth on one or more of these grooves, the car key will no longer match the mechanisms of the lock or the ignition.

Wherever you are, Devon Car Keys can provide a replacement for your worn-out car key for most types of vehicles at your home, work or at the roadside.

Broken car key

Damaged car keys are a rare occurrence but it does occasionally happen. When you think of a broken key, you may picture a key split into pieces but damage to a car key is not always visibly noticeable. Constant use coupled with a lack of maintenance increases the probability of a car key breaking and not working.

Devon Car Keys can offer prompt assistance on a wide range of vehicles when this happens anywhere across Devon and the surrounding area.

Faulty remote locking fob

Car remote locking fobs are often reliable but can begin to fail if components get damaged over time. Remote locking fobs depend on communication between a transmitter and a receiver, so if one of these internal components is damaged, the car key won’t work as it is supposed to. The repeated pressing of buttons can wear down internal parts of the key and cause the locking fob to stop working.

Devon Car Keys can offer 24 hour emergency car remote locking fob services on a wide variety of vehicles across Devon, wherever you find yourself – at work, home or on the roadside.

Car key programming

Technology has advanced a lot in recent years, we have the latest key-programming technology for most types of vehicles, from conventional transponder keys and radio frequency remote controls to the latest hands-free proximity keys. If your car key has recently been replaced, it will also need to be programmed to work with your car or if your car key is not working with your vehicle, there is a chance that that your it needs to be programmed.

Our highly trained vehicle locksmiths at Devon Car Keys can help with car key programming throughout Devon on the roadside… or wherever you find yourself.

Faulty car locks

If your car key is not working when you attempt to unlock your car, there is a possibility it could be the actual lock that’s damaged, rather than the key itself. This could be the case if the car door lock is stuck, or perhaps the key is jammed in the ignition. There are a number of potential causes for this, including locks being blocked by dirt or debris, if you’ve been in a collision the locks may have been damaged by the impact, or it may simply have become faulty due to day-to-day wear and tear.

Here at Devon Car Keys we can carry out car lock work across Devon on a wide range of vehicles.

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