Avoid Breaking Your Car Keys with This Tip

Have you ever lost or broken your car keys? You’ll know how frustrating it is to lose or break your keys at the worst possible time.

General wear and tear on a car key may eventually cause it to break if you use it a lot. The key may snap in the ignition, or elsewhere, causing havoc upon your day. The way to prevent excessive wear and tear is to alternate between different car keys. Having spare keys handy is also useful in case you do break a car key!

You can also spot when a car key is starting to wear down. If you have to jiggle or force the key into the lock to make it work, the key is starting to lose precision and will need replacing before it breaks.

If you have lost or broken your car key, Devon Car Keys are fully mobile and can provide you with a new car key on the roadside, at work or at home. We aim to get to you within the hour so you can get back to your day!

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