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Many vehicles require you to have a working key or central locking remote in order to allow additional keys or remotes to be programmed. If you have lost all your car keys the dealer will be unable to supply you with a working key without replacing the immobiliser and ECU.

In many cases a complete lock change may also be required.

Many dealers and garages do not stock these items as standard which means your vehicle may be off the road for several weeks while parts are obtained.
This type of job can also be very expensive, some dealers charging in excess of £1000.00 for a single key.

At Devon Security we have the capability to write new key information directly into the vehicle immobiliser/ ECU, thus avoiding the expense of having to replace them. We can also make a key to replace your lost car keys at the roadside, there is no need to have the vehicle recovered to the garage.

We carry a large selection of replacement car keys and replacement remotes in stock, this ensures you are back on the road quickly and with minimal disruption.

Common vehicles where this situation may occur include Fiat, Kia, Ford, Lexus, Mercedes, MG/Rover, Renault, Saab and Toyota, to name a few.

Immobiliser security codes can also be retrieved in the same way, by reading the information from the immobiliser dump the vehicle security code can be obtained quickly, without the need to visit the dealer with your documentation.

If you have lost car keys and require a replacement car key quickly and at a fraction of the main dealer price, give us a call today on 07906 502129 or fill out our free car key quote form.

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